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Wine In Doypack Packages

Two Americans companies – Nuvino and Spotwine have begun to pouring wine of premium class into Doypack packages, to make it more affordable for busy consumers.

Market of such kind of products is not always steady. For last months there are lots of interesting goods appeared, for example fitness-beer.

For those who think that ritual of drinking expansive wine just a form of kitsch, two American companies poured expensive wine into Doypack packages, and customers buy it.

Californian company Nuvino introduced four wines packed in special packing called PreservPak, which can keep all aroma of wine.

Chardonnay has its own pack for one glass of wine, and you don’t need anything to enjoy the taste of good wine. This pack you can easily carry with yourself anywhere you want.

Those who are on the move can drink out wine just from the pack or for example drink it in traditional way.

Spotwine from Connecticut proposes to its customers same pack but for one bottle. And it is much easier to cool it in the pack then in the bottle.

This companies try their best to tell their customers, that good wine can be not only in the nice bottle, but it can be in a pack as well.

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