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Building Foam Production

To start building foam production you will need about $50 000.

Building foam is made of polystyrene and air. Material is tight and white.

This material is used in different areas, for example in packing industry and for decoration.

To produce building foam you do not need any license or something like that.

It is not harmful for environment so you will not need any permission to produce building foam.

And to produce building foam you will not need any special education or knowledge.

You will need lots of equipment, but not really difficult.

Price of such technologies is about $20 000.

You will need building for production of building foam. Height to the ceiling has to be not less then 12 ft.

You will need really good water supply, and electricity.

You can build your own building, but much better idea is to rent a building.

So how fast you will get your money back?

Usually it takes about five or six months to get your money back, so this business is very profitable.

So if you want to earn money and start your own business without huge investments and education, building foam production is a right business for you.

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