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Pub As A Business In USA

If you decided to open a pub in America you have to keep in mind lots of facts.

First of all you must understand, that there are lots of places for entertainment all across the country.

So think about competition in this field.

Think about your possibilities on this market.
You have to think a lot about history of your pub, it’s history (can be fictional, Americans like stories), it’s logo, workers uniform, and even music.

The worst idea that can be is to put Jukebox inside, you have to control such things.

Organize management before you start your business, in such business – management is everything.

First month you have to be ready to be inside your pub almost all the time controlling everything.

So first of all you need a good history for your pub, don’t forget about its importance.

Think about design of your pub, include history of your pub to elements of design. And of course name of your pub has to be outstanding.

You have to find really good place for your pub, the best place is near by office building, or place, where there are lots of workers.

You will need friendly atmosphere inside your pub, it is very important.

Your waitresses must smile all the time, and lots of trifles can spoil everything, so think about it.

You need to realize that you must be responsible for every dish which will be served in your pub.

You need really good waitresses who will be able to understand their customers. So be really careful when you hire someone.

Design must be really good inside and outside your pub, lots of owners make really good design inside their pubs, but outside is a mess.

The best adds for such place is happy customers who will come to you next time with their friends.

Different contests and theme parties have to be welcomed in your pub.

If your customers are happy then you are happy.

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