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Charcoal Production

Charcoal is absolutely safely for environment and very effective form of fuel, and it doesn’t spoil air with different kind of harmful gasses or something like that.

Charcoal is used in industry also, and it is used to produce isolation material, and even farmers use it as addition to food for animals.
So lets talk about producing charcoal and earn some money.

There are different kinds of charcoal – black, white and red.

Black charcoal is made of aspen, poplar, alder trees.

White charcoal is made of hornbeam, birch and oak.

Red is made of needles trees.

Who are your customers? Who will buy your charcoal?

If it is summer time, then you are lucky one, because it is BBQ time! And probably even your neighbors will buy your charcoal for a reasonable price.

Think about restaurants and stores near buy to your small factory, maybe they will buy your charcoal.

But to produce charcoal you will need special equipment for it, and nowadays it is not a problem at all. All you need is to go online and find equipment you want.

And you need to find material for your charcoal, and it can be little bit difficult, but sooner or later, you will find supplier of wood for your charcoal.

You need to register your company, and hire some workers, but you will not need really high talented and educated workers, so you will not spend lots of money on salaries.

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