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Manufacturing And Selling Photomagnets As A Business

Photomagnets are really popular nowadays, and more and more people order magnets with their pictures on it.

Photomagnets you can put on any metal surface, but usually people put there photomagnets on a fridge.

Photomagnet is a nice picture arranged by designer and printed on special magnet paper.

To start this business you don’t need too much money, couple of thousands dollars will be more then enough or maybe less.

For the first time you will not need even to hire any place for making photomagnets, you can do it at home.

All you need for a start is a good PC with graphical software and printer to print photos on magnet paper.

And you will need to buy enough magnet paper for such business.

Of course you will need lots of ads everywhere where it is possible, that there is possibility to order photomagnet from your side.

You can order enough ads online and it will be really smart, so many people can order your photomagnets.

Customers will send their pictures to you, and you will make photomagnets for them, after it you can send this photomagnets by regular mail.

How much can you earn doing such business?

Everything depends on your marketing, and number of your customers, sometimes it is possible to earn couple of thousands dollars a month, but usually less.

It is a good business for a student or if you just want some extra earnings.

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