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Opening Bookmaker Office

In this post we will find out, how to open our own bookmaker office, usually called bookie.

So what do we need?

All bookies say that profit is not really good, and is about 10%, but anyway it is impossible to find out it, if you don’t run this business on your own.

Number of bookmaker offices grows all across America, so maybe it is really profitable business.

Before starting such business you have to realize that profit will be only 10 dollars if you invest $100.

It is not really profitable business, so if you want more money, then open something like Wendy’s or McDonald’s.

So, everyday there are sport events and lots of them. And everyday list of such events renews in bookmaker office.

In USA there are own sports that are very popular, for example baseball of football. And soccer is not as popular, as in European Union.

So you need to monitor this sports much more attentively.

Every day your office will need to assess risks, and according to them, special booking ratio appears.

And according to this ratio bookie gets bets. And usually feels good after all payoffs.

To start such business we will need license, so smart idea is to hire good lawyer, who will work with you to start bookmaker office.

After it you will need really good analytic, so you will hire really good one. Or you can sign a contract with a bigger bookie, and you will get their ratio.

Only after it you can start getting money from your customers.

You will need reserve fund, just for some case, and of course you will need limits on bets.

Usually your customers are men who are big sports fans, so think about your office placement according to such idea.

And of course you will need really good software to deal with bets and all staff like that.

Don’t forget about internet, nowadays it is really good idea to get bets online, and to make payoffs via internet.

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