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Opening The Butcher Shop.

You will not need lots of money to open a butcher shop. To open a butcher shop you will need only about 20 000 dollars, but it is expenses without cost of meet. It is only price of needed equipment and freezers for keeping meet fresh.

Average profit from selling meet is about 4 000 or 7 000 dollars a month. If you open several butcher shops you will get much more money.

And almost all businessmen open not one but usually about three butcher shops. Of course it is difficult to manage all three butcher shops, but profit is really decent. Profit will be about 30 000 dollars monthly.

Before opening you will need to buy all needed equipment, and it is necessary to spend several months to figure out everything you will need for butcher shop.

After you will get all needed equipment you have to sort out everything with your local authorities.

Meat is food, and there are lots of health care organizations, where you must get all permissions.

After getting all needed permissions, you will need you have to find very good meat suppliers. There are very many meat suppliers in US, so you will have a really big choice.

You have to decide on your own how much meat you will need and what kind of meat you will sell, it is up to you.
Of course you will need workers, so you will need to hire someone, so think about such expenses.

But anyway butcher shop is a very good business in America, so think about it.

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