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Opening A Sports Shop

Healthy lifestyle is extremely popular in US now, and you can easily open a sports shop. Percent of Americans who lead a healthy lifestyle grows every day.

Almost all the time new kinds of sport appear, need for sport goods grows almost every year, and it gives opportunity to open perspective business in this field.

But anyway you will need to work hard to open a sports shop.

Nowadays there are three kinds of these sport shops – specialized, universal and sport boutiques.

And new one businessman has to choose what kind of sports shop he wants to open.

You will have lots of customers if your sports shop will be in a good place, for example in the big trading mall.

For example if your sports shop will be near swimming pool or gym number of potential customers will grow very fast.

Very smart idea is to open sports shop somewhere where really reach customers live, usually it is not center of the big city, and there will be no need to spend lots of money to rent a place for your sports shop.

And very important is a square of future sports shops. The minimal square of sports shop has to be at least 76 yards. And you will need much more place if you want to sell exercise machines.

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