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Opening A Mobile 5D Cinema

5D cinema is a new entertainment, but in small towns there is not much places to go for entertainment.

And thinking about small American towns you can make a really interesting business – mobile 5D cinema.

How much money you will need to arrange such business? Probably about 100 000 dollars, or maybe little bit more.

You will need to rearrange a truck to a mobile cinema, so you will need to buy a big truck first, and there is no need in a new truck.

You must rearrange it to the 5D cinema and probably you will need to hire people who will be ready to make it for you, and it will not be really cheap.

There are lots of companies all across USA that will rearrange your truck into 5D cinema, so you can just go online and look for such companies.

You will need to hire two persons – a cashier and a driver.

And that’s it, or you can be a cashier or a driver, and you will spend less money hiring people.

If you will be lucky enough with the town your 5D cinema can serve about 500 people per day.

And this is really good money.

In one year or even less you will be able to earn your investments back, and you will get only pure profit out of your mobile 5D cinema.

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