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Opening Mobile Cafe As A Business Idea

Cafe is an interesting business, but to start such business, it will take you to find and rent a big place for it, and it will cost lots of money.

But you can try to run mobile cafe, and it will be much cheaper.

Of course your average customers will be people of the 20 – 35 years age.

And that is why you must choose to serve products for people of such age.

You must be able to serve fast food and salads or food which will be prepared in about 20 minutes, not longer.

It will be good idea to locate near college or place where there are lots of young people.

You can put several small tables and chairs near your mobile cafe.

Probably it will be difficult to work in a bad weather, buy during summer time you can earn enough money serving dishes in your mobile cafe.

And you can place your cafe in a place where there are lots of tourists, and you will have enough customers also.

To start such business you should buy a small used bus, and rearrange it to a small cafe.

You should place a small kitchen there and to serve food through a small window.

It will look like a small kiosk on the wheels.

You will need to buy all equipment to store fast food and salads, and an oven to heat meals.

You will need to serve cold drinks also, so you should think about good fridge.

You can earn money really fast with the help of your mobile cafe, even if you will serve food in a small town, you will have enough customers.

Everything depends on a place where you will start your mobile cafe, buy about 50 000 dollars of pure profit, you will be able to earn per a first year of your work.

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