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Installing Fixed Telescopes As A Business Idea

fixed telescopeIf you live in a big city where there are lots of different monuments and your city is interesting for tourists, you can install fixed telescopes and take money from tourists for usage of this telescopes.

A good thinking will be to install fixed telescopes with a coin acceptor, because in this case you don’t need to hire someone to take money from tourists.

Such business is very popular in America and you can easily order some fixed telescopes, because there are lots of companies in USA, which can make some fixed telescopes for you.

There are not too much places where you can install fixed telescopes, but if you will try your best to look for such places, probably you will succeed.

To start this business you need some cash of course, but probably 50 000 dollars will be more then enough for a small number of fixed telescopes.

This business is very simple but you still need to take care about your equipment, clean it and get coins out in time.

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