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Online Store For Selfie Monopods

Selfie monopods are really popular nowadays, and you can run really interesting and profitable business by selling selfie monopods.

Lots of Americans like to travel and they travel a lot and they like to make selfies in different places, so selfie monopod is in a big demand among this people.

To sell selfie monopods you don’t need your own regular shop, just online shop is more then enough.

You can earn really good money on selling selfie monopods online, if your marketing will be good, and you will have enough money for ads.

How much money you will need to start such business?

About 20 000 dollars will be enough, and mostly you will need to invest your money in your online store and ads.

How much can you earn?

Running this business is really profitable and profit depends on you, but in average you can earn about 5 000 dollars a month, if you will have enough customers.

You must make delivery of your selfie monopods really fast, and easy for customers, so your customers will tell their friends, that your online store is worthy to buy your selfie monopods.

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