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How to Become a Home Inspector in Five Easy Steps

If you’re interested in a career as a home inspector, follow these five steps to get started:

1. Research Your State’s Requirements:

  • Home inspection requirements vary by state, so the first step is to research the specific regulations and licensing requirements in your state. Look for the appropriate resources or contact your local professional association for home inspectors.

2. Complete Your Prelicensing Education:

  • Depending on your state, you may need to complete prelicensing education. American Home Inspectors Training offers online courses and, in some states, in-person classes to prepare you for your new career.

3. Take and Pass Your Licensing Exam:

  • In states that require licensing exams, most use the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). You can prepare for this standardized exam through your prelicensing education program.

4. Complete Your State’s Application:

  • Fill out the required application for a home inspection license in your state. These applications often involve submitting fees, proof of insurance, and other necessary documents.

5. Keep Up-to-date With Post-licensing Requirements:

  • After obtaining your license, you may need to participate in continuing education and ongoing professional development to stay updated in the field of home inspection. The specific requirements can vary by state.

The time it takes to become a licensed home inspector varies depending on your state’s regulations, but it can typically take about six weeks. Once you’re licensed, you can choose to start your own home inspection business, join an existing company, or start as a part-time side hustle. The average salary for a home inspector is around $60,646, with the potential to earn more if you own your own business.

To succeed as a home inspector, you’ll need physical fitness for the active nature of the job, a good understanding of the building trades, strong business skills, excellent customer service, and, most importantly, integrity to provide honest and transparent inspections.

If you have further questions about becoming a home inspector, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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