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Welding Services Business Idea

If you live in a small US town, you have much more chances to earn money by welding services. In the big cities there are lots of people who can do welding services.

But anyway if you will invest enough money in marketing, you will be able to run your welding services business even in a big city.

In a big demand in every town or city is electric welding, gas welding, plasma welding, argon-arc welding, so you have a big choice of possibilities for your business.

So to run this business you need to buy all needed equipment, and of course you need lots of practice before you can start this business.

You must have lots of staff for example transformers, inverters, plasma cutting machines for metal, gas reducers, acetylene generators, compressors, fan heaters.

Only for this equipment you will need to spend about 30 000 dollars, or maybe even more.

You can work on your own, but it will be difficult, at least you will need two or three workers to help you, especially if you will have lots of work to do.

So think about salary to your workers also.

You will not need lots of place for work if there will be work that you can do on your side, so small garage is more then enough.

But usually you will have lots of work on the side of your customers. So you will need a big trunk where you can put all equipment that is needed.

Lots of people think that this business is very profitable, and it is true, during a good season, just for a month welder can earn about 7000 dollars. And as for me it is a good money.

So if you are a professional welder you can easily run your business in America and earn really descent money.

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