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Unlocking Your Borrowing Potential: Tips for Maximizing Loan-To-Value Ratio

Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratios (LTV) is crucial when seeking loans, as it determines how much a lender is willing to lend based on the collateral’s value. Here are insights into why maximizing your LTV is important and tips on maximizing your borrowing potential:

What is LTV?

LTV is a calculation that assesses the risk associated with the amount you want to borrow compared to the value of the collateral. Lenders set maximum LTV ratios, and generally, lower ratios mean more expensive borrowing. Experienced brokers can assist in securing favorable LTV ratios and rates.

LTV Reflects Lender Risk

Lenders aim to balance risk, and the risk of default or decreasing security values influences the LTV ratio. Lower risk to the lender can result in higher LTV ratios and better rates for the borrower. Demonstrating strong financial standing and utilizing a broker’s expertise can enhance your chances of obtaining higher LTV ratios.

Factors Influencing LTV

  1. Asset Type Impact:
    • Different assets have varying LTV caps; crypto or security-backed lending might have lower caps (around 50-60% LTV).
    • Brokers can connect borrowers with lenders likely to offer higher LTV ratios.
  2. Status and Liquidity:
    • Demonstrating excellent long-term liquidity and substantial net worth can boost LTV ratios.
    • Brokers help present cases favorably to achieve higher ratios.
  3. Complex Assets and Broker Assistance:
    • Brokers assist in dealing with complex assets, fostering lender understanding and reducing refusal risks.

Maximizing LTV: Tips

  1. Leverage Broker Knowledge:
    • Brokers provide insights into lender quirks and niche lending streams.
    • Independent brokers vet borrowers and identify lenders likely to view applications favorably.
  2. Utilize Multiple Asset Classes:
    • Combine collateral from various asset classes to secure higher LTV ratios.
    • Property, luxury assets, or cryptocurrency can be used in combination for optimal results.
  3. Be Prepared:
    • Analyze your financial situation thoroughly to maximize borrowing power.
    • Brokers help present cases clearly, reducing friction and improving lender understanding.
  4. Examples to Raise LTV:
    • Emphasize yearly bonuses or regular performance-based bonuses.
    • Choose lenders considering dividend income or business profits rather than personal tax returns.
    • Present additional income streams, such as rental income or global income.
    • Showcase unusual income streams, like investment portfolio income.
    • Highlight equity or income from a business sale.


Maximizing your loan-to-value ratio involves strategic planning, understanding lender dynamics, and utilizing broker expertise. By carefully presenting your case, leveraging diverse assets, and working with experienced brokers, you can enhance your borrowing potential and secure favorable terms for your loans.

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