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Unleashing the Power of NGFW Application Control: 5 Transformative Benefits for Your Business

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) equipped with robust application control capabilities are essential for businesses seeking enhanced security without compromising network speed and quality. Elevate your security posture and ensure optimal value by investing in an NGFW that facilitates fine-grained policy enforcement for critical applications. Explore the top 5 benefits of NGFW Application Control for your business:

1. Increased ROI

Embrace the automation and efficiency of NGFW Application Control for a boost in return on investment (ROI). Unlike traditional firewalls, NGFWs automate and streamline the process of updating security measures, making them more attractive from a cost-effectiveness perspective. Beyond basic functionality, NGFW Application Control empowers businesses to enforce policies, block traffic based on business rules, and identify and thwart applications exploiting vulnerabilities.

2. Increased Security

Position NGFWs as the cornerstone of your zero-trust security strategy, providing advanced capabilities crucial for robust protection. Operating at the application layer of the network protocol stack, NGFWs go beyond the limitations of traditional firewalls, offering heightened security by identifying and controlling application traffic. Deep packet inspection capabilities enable the detection and prevention of various threats, contributing to a more secure environment.

3. Increased Efficiency

Achieve unparalleled efficiency with the granular control offered by NGFW Application Control. Tailor internet access rights for specific departments or individual employees, optimizing productivity and resource utilization. Unlike traditional firewalls utilizing a deny/allow model, NGFWs, with layer-7 application-level inspection, enhance efficiency by detecting and blocking malware before it enters the network. Integrated security functions streamline operations, reducing costs and saving time.

4. Increased Flexibility

Experience enhanced flexibility with NGFWs capable of deployment as on-site hardware, virtual appliances, or firewall as a service (FWaaS) solutions. From small businesses to large enterprises, NGFWs adapt to diverse deployment scenarios, offering fine-grained policy management, streamlined threat intelligence, and optimized connections. The multi-layered inspection of NGFWs, including the seventh application layer, distinguishes them from traditional firewalls, providing increased flexibility in recognizing and mitigating threats.

5. Increased Visibility

Escape the limitations of traditional firewalls confined to Layer 4 inspections, and embrace the expanded visibility of NGFWs, inspecting traffic up to Layer 7 of the OSI model. This heightened visibility enables the detection of potentially dangerous applications and facilitates the implementation of granular zero-trust access controls. In BYOD environments, NGFWs establish differentiated policies to manage non-business applications effectively, ensuring optimal bandwidth utilization.

Buyer’s Tip: Prioritize NGFW vendors offering robust integration capabilities to ensure comprehensive network protection aligned with your specific needs. Ask about integration features to make an informed decision on selecting an NGFW that aligns with your network security requirements.

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