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Your Own Draft Beer Store As A Good Business In USA

Draft beer store is very interesting business in USA. Beer is very popular in America, and it is part of life for lots of Americans.

So if everything will be fine, you can run very profitable draft beer store.

It is very profitable business especially if you decided to sell American beet, in this case you will earn really good money.

You can sell imported European beer, but it is not so easy as you can think, and profit will be less.
What profit we can expect?

This business is seasonal, during winter times it very difficult to get good profit, it is good if you can afford paying salaries to your workers.

But during summer time you can get really big amount of money.

Really good money you can earn if you have at least three draft beer store.

You must invest enough money in equipment and all staff required for your business.

Place were your store will be situated is very important.

How much do we need to start such business?

Lets think about $100000 for a start of three draft beer stores. Half of this sum you will spend on a rent of your stores.

What are underwater rocks of this business?

You have to keep in mind that you can sell draft beer only during five days, after five days you must pour out your beer. It is not easy, but it is the way this business works.

Don’t even think about selling beer after five days, you will ruin your business.

Lots of experts say that draft beer store is a good business with big future, some don’t. Everything is up to you.

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