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Work As A Journalist Online.

Is it possible for journalist to earn money online, and if it is possible, how much money can journalist earn?

It is very popular to work as freelancer right now. But it is well known, that we usually call freelancers people who earn money as designers or programmers. And we know that it is hard and serious work. And as a writer or journalist it is hard to earn money online.

For journalists it is still low-paid job, and it is difficult to earn money as a journalist online without regular offline job.

Usually it is a hobby, when person just works for fun and gets something for it. Even it it is enough only for paying phone bill.

So what are the sources of such earnings? And where can we find such job?


Copywrite-projects are very popular right now. Copywriting – it is writing of articles for web sites.

And an ordinary article you can sell online. Usually, for it you can use special online resources – so called freelance sites.

Such articles buy people who want to get good material written by professionals. And lots of buyers don’t want to waste their time for writing articles.

It is much easier to buy well done article for a small price. It is very difficult to earn lots of money as a copywriter usually price is about one dollar for one thousand symbols.

But there are special resources where copywriter can ask for his own price. But after selling an article copywriter loses its write for article.

Work for webmasters directly.

Usually webmasters make a decision to work with only one copywriter, and it is much easier for webmaster to work with you on a regular basis.

Usually webmasters order more than one hundred or more articles. Usually it is a big amount of articles on the same topic. And such job costs about one hundred or three thousand dollars.

Of course there are lots of web sites write now, but there are lots of people who are ready to work as a copywriter. That is why the price is very low.

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