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Vertical Gardening As A Business Idea

Vertical gardening is a popular and interesting business and more and more trading malls and offices need such service as vertical gardening.

As far as you know there is nothing difficult in vertical gardening, you need to install special box on a wall and in this big box lots of flowers are installed with special lamps and irrigation system.

This vertical gardening boxes work in the same way as usual flowers in the house work, they make air cleaner, and it is much cheaper then to have expensive air condition system.

Light and water are supplied automatic, and there is no need to spend lots of time for your vertical gardening boxes.

And vertical gardening looks really nice and lots of customers like such installations.

So if your are good at gardening and like flowers and can install such modules with flowers in it, you can start your own business.

This is a business with a minimal investment. You don’t need to much, to make a module with vertical garden, and install all pipes and lamps. And install module for autonomous work.

You will be surprised, but lots of American offices know about vertical gardening, and they will be happy to pay you some cash for such installation.

You can earn really good money running this business, but you need to invest enough money in online marketing, because it is the easiest way to find enough customers for the first time.

Of course you must arrange the delivery of all modules that you need for such installations, but it is not as difficult as it seems.

This business is very profitable, and if you have lots of customers, you are able to earn about 80 000 dollars per year or maybe more.

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