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Vending Machines For The Sale Of Salads

As far as we know it is not difficult to buy chocolate bar or soda, chips, and what’s about salads?

The idea of making vending machine with the name “Farmer’s Fridge” belongs to entrepreneur Luke Sonders, who lives in Chicago, Illinois.

He says, that vending machine for selling salads is not such a crazy idea.

“We are making salads in a style of Mason jar, that is why all ingredients are layed down with equal layers. So all components of salad stay fresh”- Sanders says.

In addition to innovative development, vending machines “Farmer’s Fridge” are not the same as regular vending machines.

The main idea of such vending machines was to make a vending machine for vegetarians and vegans, so they can easily buy healthy food with no problem.

Average cost of such salad is about 8 dollars only. Every morning “Farmer’s Fridge” renews with new portion of fresh salads, and after 18-00 all salads are sold with a very big discount.

Business grows and become very popular, and Sonders plans to open 20 more vending machines of such kind.

If you want your own vending machines business it is really good idea to make vending machines with health food in it.

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