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Vending Copy Machine As A Business Idea

The business idea of ​​installing a vending machine can be a pretty good start for your own business. Let’s take a closer look at how to organize such a business.

Vending machines are firmly established in the life of Americans. With their help, you can profitably sell various goods and services.

One of the new services is the ability to make photocopies of a document using a vending machine.

How to start installing a copier

A new businessman can have doubts about the demand for such a service. However, there is no doubt about the prospects of such an undertaking.

It is no secret that copy centers located near major educational institutions, offices, passport offices, and visa centers are overcrowded.

People must stand in line to photocopy their documents.

An excellent alternative for them will be the ability to make copies using a vending machine.

How much money do you need for a photocopier installation business

To organize a business for installing a self-service vending copy machine, you need a start-up capital of about 10 thousand dollars.

The main part of these funds will go to the purchase of the copying equipment itself.

Such a vending machine costs about 5 thousand dollars, the price depends on the country of manufacture, performance and other parameters.

Businessman will also need to include in the budget of his project costs of registering an individual entrepreneur, purchasing consumables, renting and maintaining the device.

How much can you earn on a copy machine

The self-service copy machine needs only a few square feet of space. It can be installed almost anywhere.

An ideal option would be the building of an educational institution. The cost of one photocopy can be set in the amount of 50 cents or more.

In this case, even with such a production indicator as 200 copies daily, you can really good money. The monthly net profit in this case will be about 3 thousands dollars.

Thus, the initial investment will be recouped in about 6 months. Of course, the payback period of investments can be reduced several times.

It is enough to choose a good place to place such a vending machine, which will allow you to get really good profits.

Such a business idea can be implemented even with limited investment capital.

For example, you can buy a self-service copy machine on lease.

Another option is to take out a bank loan to purchase such equipment.

What equipment to choose

You don’t need any additional equipment to run your business.

All you need is to buy a quality vending copy machine.

The cost of such a device is about 5 thousands dollars. Naturally, the amount may change based on the country of the manufacturer, performance, etc.

It will also be necessary to purchase consumables: cartridges and toners with paint, and paper of course.

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