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Textbook For Teaching Girls Programming

The aim of the project which Linda Liukas provides is named “Hello Ruby”.

“Hello Ruby” has to inspire girls to interest such things as programming, which for some reason is not too popular among girls.

“Hello Ruby” is much more than a book for kids. The main goal of this book is to interest girls from 4 – 7 years to programming.

The main character of the book is a small girl whose name is Ruby, has really good imagination. During her adventures she meets green robots Androids, different ghosts, and lots of bugs.

Of corse this book makes world of programming more interesting and attractive.

Liukas says that she started to program when she was 13 years old. She made a web site on her own, and she still is proud of it.

Linda says that it was really hard to make a web page on her own, because there were no constructors, like we have right now.

When Linda started to study programming she noticed, that this science was taught pathetic. It was too difficult and not interesting for a young lady.

In her book Liukas focuses on creative possibilities, which programming gives to programmers.

Really big problem in the programming world is not enough women in this profession.

It is a fact that misbalance in this profession is huge. And if internet will go on develop by men, more and more problem will appear.

That is why women programmers are welcome in this profession. Because internet must be developed by two genders but not only by men.

And lots of internet companies agree with such statements. Right now internet doesn’t welcome people who are not men and white. And problem is getting more and more bigger.

That is why business which aims to get more women into profession of software developer will be always welcomed, and maybe you can get government support.

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