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Studio Аigure Сorrection: an Idea for a Profitable Business

Everything that makes a woman better is in demand. Even lip injections, which used to be treated with skepticism, are selling like hotcakes.

This trend opens up unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs – you can invest the money you have in any beauty service.

One of the most popular business niches in this area – studio figure correction. Open it quite simple and do not need to understand the intricacies of business.

Business relevance and niche analysis

Making a business plan for a body shaping studio should begin with an analysis of the business.

It is required to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the niche. To begin with an assessment of competitors is carried out:

search for all salons;

monitoring of prices;

The study of special promotions and other offers.

The location of the offices, the visuals of the website and social networks are also taken into consideration.

Customer feedback helps to understand how to work. Research is needed to create your own unique offer – one that will set you apart from the rest.

It’s tempting to have an extensive target audience. Every member of the fair sex wants to give her body an attractive silhouette. In addition, in today’s society, the service of correction of the figure are also used by men.

Starting a business?

Competition in this area is high, so it is important to thoroughly think through how to build a business in your case, whether the range of services will include only the correction of the figure or the list will be expanded?

Registration body correction office

It is possible to open a figure correction studio without obtaining a license, which greatly simplifies the task of the businessman.

Selection of premises

In the business plan of the office of figure correction must include a point that involves the selection of space and its location. The studio must meet health and fire standards.

It is impossible to work without a toilet, a regular supply of water, electricity. Important attribute – an air conditioner and a powerful ventilation system, some professional cosmetics specifically smell.

Promising locations are considered:

fitness centers;

New buildings in the residential district;

Room in an existing salon (a good reputation is important);

Near clinics and medical centers.

How to properly equip the studio?

In the production plan for the business of body shaping, you can not specify in what design will be made room.

But, it is worth thinking through the interior, as the visual component is often important for girls. The plan includes materials for finishing. The studio should also have:

a massage machine;

cosmetic supplies;


office equipment;

cash register;

audio system and LCD monitor.

Place items rationally so they do not interfere with the masters and clients’ ease of movement. It is best if for each care was carried out in a separate office.

Secrets of successful recruitment

Business on correction of a figure is impossible without qualified personnel. Professionalism and tactful communication ensures the flow of clients.

Satisfied ladies return to a place where they are comfortable. At the initial stage it is enough to hire two administrators, professional beauticians and massage therapists.

In order to save money you can not take a staff marketer and accountant, and use their services as needed. Even freelancers will do, the main thing is not to overdo with the frequent change of specialists.

How to choose the range of services

Before you open a studio figure correction, you should identify the range of services.

An important role is played by the specific correction – the part of the body over which professionals will work. From the orientation depends on what equipment to buy.

The best solution – to deal with the correction of the body. This is always in demand.

Additionally you can offer girls facial massages, which give youthfulness and give the face refinement.

Opening a tanning salon, if the area of the room allows, will also increase income.

What costs will be required to open and maintain the studio of body shaping

Those who plan to open a body correction studio, the business plan should include the cost of the initial investment.

Monthly expenditures depend on customer demand. In any case, figure correction as a business will include additional costs on supplies, cosmetics, employee salaries and office rent.

Assessing the risks and payback period of the business
Competition in the beauty industry is high, and in some regions there is an oversaturation of the market.

You need to try to create something unique, to constantly conduct promotions. If successful, investments will pay off in 3-5 months.

To open a business in this niche is a good plan, if there is a desire to earn and an understanding of the reasons why the business works.

Otherwise, because of the great competition, it will not be possible to reach a stable income.

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