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Street Advertisement Agency

If you want to start your own advertisement agency you will not need to invest about half a million in it, if you want to make it small and you plan to work on the streets of a big city or a town.

You can distribute printed adds of your customers, and it doesn’t cost too much. Actually a good printer and quality paper will be more then enough.

You can have a contract with a taxi service and you can spread adds in taxis, or even make a prints on a taxi car.

As a variant you can hire a man with a banner who will advertise someones business.

As you can see, if you want to go cheap – you can, it is not so difficult as it can seem.

Street adds are really inexpensive, and if you are going to start your business in this field, you are on the right track.

You can make led adds on cars or buildings, and this will be inexpensive affair also.

As you can see, this business doesn’t take too much investments, and it is affordable to all kinds of budget.

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