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Strawberry Cultivation

Nowadays strawberry is a good product, and in America it is in a high demand. Almost everyone likes strawberry, and people are ready to buy it all the year round.

Strawberry is ideal food for diet and to loose weight, there lots of micro elements and it is very good for health.

It is not really so difficult to grow strawberry. If you have a big and good greenhouse than you can easily start strawberry cultivation.

In your greenhouse it is very important to have really good soil, and you must protect your harvest from vermin.

There are lots of videos online, how to cultivate strawberry, so there you can find everything you need.

But if you started cultivate strawberry for serious, then you need to think about such thing as selling.

It is a really good idea to find someone who will buy you strawberry.

Keep in mind, that strawberry is very perishable product, that is why you must sell it as fast as it is possible.

But there are different ways to sell strawberry: you can sell it fresh or you can sell if frozen. Or you can sell it for further processing.

Usually big stores buy such product in a big quantity, so think about it.

Strawberry cultivation is a very good business, and you will get your money back really fast. But sometimes it can take a year or two, when you will get pure profit.

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