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Starting Your Own Internet Service Provider

As far as I know there is no problem to be online in USA. But still there are lots of gaps in small towns.

And not always price for internet connection can be as cheap as in a big city.

Very soon there will be free internet powered by companies of Mask and Bezos, but I am pretty sure that there will be a gap for your own internet service provider.

There are not too much companies who can provide really good and affordable internet in small towns.

But as far as everyone knows it is not really easy to run your own internet service provider, so it will be a huge plus for you if you know how it works and what equipment you will need.

But if you will consider opening internet service provider as a business, and not as a really difficult technological miracle, then you will be fine.

Good idea is to find really interested in such area young people who will work for you for a reasonable money and will feel that they are working on the best work in town.

This young people will explain you what exactly you will need to run your own internet service provider.

As for a law component, your ISP will be the same business as any other. So you will need to register a company.

Then you will need to find good lawyer who will get you all licenses so you can start your business, probably there will be not much licenses, but it will depend on the way your customers get internet.

You can add much more services, for example IP Telephony, Cable TV, Hosting or something others.

There can be lots of services that you can provide.

As for a regular business you will need a place for your office, where your workers will work.

And you will need good customer support, you can place your customer support in your office, or you can use outsource services.

You will need really good workers who will be able to fix all issues on the side of your customer, otherwise you will start loosing customers.

You will need furniture and all regular things for a usual business, don’t forget about such small things as staples and scissors. All such things cost money, and don’t forget it.

You will need transport, to get to your customers and to fix everything what is needed, and you will need not only one car, because you will have lots of customers, and probably they will have lots of problems.

So you will need lots of money for all such staff, but it is still possible for you to get your money back really quickly.

You can make really good data center, and lots of programmers will keep their servers on your side, and this business is really profitable as well.

When you are part of IT, it is much easier for you to earn extra money in USA.

There are lots of IT gaps, and you can make really good money having your own ISP.

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