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Starting Farm Business.

Lets talk about farm business, this business is really good and interesting, and you can always earn enough money.

Of course you will need a good business plan, just to understand are you ready for such business or not.
There are some interesting government programs to support farmers, and probably you can apply for such program.

First of all you have to understand, that it is not really easy to run farming business.
So what can you produce as a farmer?

If you decided to grow different plants you can try to grow wheat, barley, oat, rye, millet, corn, buckwheat, sunflower.

And of course you can try your luck with onion, garlic, dill.

If you like fruits, try to grow something like strawberry, cherry, plums, watermelons, melons, pears, apples and apricots.

You can grow anything you want, it is up to you, but this is the most popular staff, you can grow.


Cows, pigs, rabbits, sheeps, goats and horses.

Breeding bees.

Fish farming.

Before opening, of course you will need an advice of a good lawyer, who can help you with all registrations, which are required.

Anyway farming is a great and interesting business.

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