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Shoe Store As A Business

Everyone needs good and nice looking shoes, and if you want to start your shoe business, you have all chances to become a prosper businessman.

There are lots of shoe stores all across America, but if you do everything right you will have enough customers.

But before the start of your shoe business you need to make an analysis of the market and you need to understand, if you have an opportunity for such business or not.

You must understand that you will need enough customers who will be ready to pay for your shoes.

If you started your business in a small town, then probably you will not have lots of customers who will be ready to buy expensive shoes.

So in a small town you must be ready for selling not expensive shoes, but still you will have good profit.

For starting such business you will need about 50 000 dollars, for a small shoe shop. If you want to start a big shoe business you will need about 250 000 dollars.

You will need to rent a place for your shoe store, and you must buy really good showcase for your shoes.

You will need to have contracts with shoe factories. You can earn about 30 000 dollars per month if you have a big shoe store or little bit less, if you have little bit smaller shoe store.

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