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Selling Food From The Airplane

In Germany interesting service appeared, which allows customers to get food from airplane to their place once a week.

Food in airplanes has a bad reputation. But its taste is easy to explain, on the height of several thousand feet, human cannot feel the whole taste of the food, because of physiology.

But if human is on the ground it is possible to enjoy the taste of food. There are companies which sell food from air companies on the streets, and it is very good business.

We are talking about Arlanda Foodtrucks right now. Now in Germany there is service from Air Food One, which once a week delivers food from the airplane to your place.

You can order food in online grocery store Customers can choose between classic and vegetarian food. Everything like during a regular flight! Service works with cooperation with LSG Sky Chefs. Which support food for Lufthansa.

Every week they prepare food for air flights. Food will be delivered to customers each Wednesday in the evening.

If there is a need, this food can be frozen, and when it is time to eat it is very easy to heat it in microwave.

And this service helps not to waste food, which is not bought by air company. And there is no need to waste lots of food.

Right now you can use this service only in Germany, but I am pretty sure you can do something like that in USA, and get really good profit. This business is new and unique, and it will be your advantage on the market.

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