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Sandwiches On Parachutes As A Business.

Jafflechutes company begin to deliver their sandwiches with cheese outside with a help of parachutes.

Before it, we could hear about flying food from YO company and it was sushi. This sushi’s were delivered by quadcopters on iTray.

Now if it is very expensive for your business, you can deliver sandwiches with the help of parachutes. The same way as Jafflechutes company does it.

This Idea appeared in Melbourne, where with a help of small parachutes keys were dropped out for roommates.

But entrepreneurs understood that it is a smart idea to deliver food in such a way.

The idea is simple, customers are ordering sandwiches with a use of PayPal, and write in what time they want to take their food.

And with a help of small parachute food delivers to customers.

This idea is very good, and you can do something like that, and this business is very interesting, so you can earn lots of money.

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