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Reusable Nappies

American company FuzzBunz became famous in the whole world in 1999. From this time manufacturing of regular nappies began.

The founder of FuzzBunz is an American lady with three kids Tereson Dupuy. It was really difficult for Tereson to look and buy regular nappies for her small children. And it was really hard for her to find really good and not expansive nappies, and she decided to make her own nappies.

And she made FuzzBunz nappies. This nappies has got approval of American pediatricians.

Now lots of mummies in US buy not only nappies but different accessories as well.

FuzzBuinz are affordable and really good reusable nappies. This company made life of young American mothers really easy.

Materials inside FuzzBunz are absolutely safe for a small kid, and it is not harmful for environment. These nappies are very stylish and good looking.

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