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Quadrupter Ball

Let’s say some words about qadrupter ball. From childhood ball is a toy number one for everyone. There are so much games with a ball, that it is even difficult to count all of them. But one Japanese inventor went further and and took a ball and reinvented it. And he has got quadrupter ball.

He understood that every ball has to obey to physics laws. But quadrupter ball solves this problem. And sportsman can program all quadrupter balls’ moves.

Inventor wants to see his quadrupter ball as a mainstream ball for popular games.

It is possible for quadrupter ball to hover in the air for a long period of time, and it can also change its way and dynamic indicators, so it will be easier to play with quadrupter ball for kids or pensioneers.

It is very easy to program all variants of movements for such quadrupter ball by sports designer, and functionality of the ball can be added with hovering, and antigravitation, as for me sounds very interesting.

And it will be very easy to invent new games with such ball.

In the nearest future quadrupter ball will be used only for special needs – for special exercises, rest and for using it buy old people.

It can be used in medical institutions for different purposes for example rehabilitation. And medical industry is very interesting for future business.

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