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Production Of Polyethylene Bags As A Business Idea

Production of polyethylene bags is an interesting direction when considered in the context of a business idea.

The demand for the product is steadily high, and the area of application is almost unlimited, you can find your buyer even in a small town.

The variety of species makes it possible to choose the product that is most in demand in the area of residence of the entrepreneur.

Run a business manufacturing plastic bags is easy, no special education required for the business, at the start is enough a small shop.

There are few competitors, the entry threshold to the market is low, under the force of beginners.

Analysis of product demand and the sales market

Business organization – basic steps
Business plan for the production of plastic bags includes not only market research, but also the choice of space and equipment.

Work shop will not be able to exist without staff and official registration. About this and other in order.

Step 1: Market research
Think about who will be your main customer and what products he wants from you.

For example, in a small town ordinary bags will suffice, in a metropolis – with the possibility of a corporate logo.

Take into account the season, for example agricultural companies actively buy packaging in summer and autumn.

To better research the business idea for the production of plastic bags, engage experienced marketers.

Remember that successful companies provide a wide variety of bags. A full-service shop will fully meet the needs of customers.

Step 2: Finding premises and equipment
A small space will suffice at the start, but if you plan to open a business for the production of full-cycle cellophane bags, the requirements increase.

Access to three-phase power will be required to connect the equipment for the production of plastic bags.

Obligatory to purchase:


clamping machine;

flexo printing machine;

package-making equipment.

Step 4: Hiring and Training
Choose workers on the principle of 1 person per operation.

If there is one line, two shifts will be enough, with two masters and one technician-adjuster.

Personnel only need to monitor the process and control equipment.

Production of polyethylene bags is automated, so the price of business is justified.

Additionally hire a driver, sales manager, storekeeper and accountant. Periodically use freelancers to advertise your company.

Step 5: Start Production and Marketing
Immediately after the launch, start looking for customers.

These can be owners of retail chains, cafes and fast-food restaurants, and industrial plants.

Consumers should become permanent and bring a regular income.

To promote your business, use all possible options: sending commercial proposals to potential customers, creating and constantly filling your site, all kinds of ads on the Internet.

It is not unreasonable to run a podcast on the radio or scatter booklets in the mailboxes of the inhabitants of the city.

What are the pros and cons of producing plastic bags as a business?

The relevance of the business idea for the production of plastic bags lies in the advantages of the direction:

steadily high demand;

Simple and automated manufacturing technology;

Low personnel requirements;

Inexpensive raw materials;

fast payback.

Of the disadvantages it is worth noting the high cost of equipment, you need to organize the shop according to the rules of the state and there is a risk of reducing working capital for wholesale sales.

The payback period of the business
Even selling the usual package, the initial investment will pay for itself in 2 years. In the case of the introduction of a range of more durable products, the period is reduced to 1.5 years.

If there is an opportunity to put on the goods brand logos and take orders from large companies, the payback period is 1 year.

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