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Production Of Artificial Snow

Artificial snow is very popular nowadays, especially it is popular to make good shows, and celebrations.

Artificial snow is used during different performances. And it is hard to imagine different shops during winter time without it.

Artificial snow doesn’t stain clothing, and it is not toxic, and looks like real one.

How to make artificial snow with your own hands?

The main ingredient is liquid concentrate or special powder. You can buy it online without any difficulties.

Then, all you need is water. Because of water all this staff gets bigger, and looks like real snow. You can keep such snow without any problem for several days.

Then artificial snow starts to become smaller. But you can add water and artificial snow will be good enough again.

It’s very easy to clean artificial snow, and it doesn’t stain any surface.

Snow cannon

To make really beautiful and well looking snowdrift will be very easy with special equipment.

To make artificial snow fall down like real one, you will need snow cannon, and special generator.

More than that, there is special equipment, where with the help of software, you can choose form of the snow.

You can buy all this equipment online also.

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