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Printer For Printing Clothes.

There is one new very interesting invention, and this invention is printer for printing clothes. It is very interesting idea to make a printer for clothes. The inventor of this printer is American Joshua Harris, who is a really good designer by the way.

The main idea is to throw away cupboard for clothes, and just print any clothes you want!

And if it is very difficult to find really interesting clothes in any shop, it you have printer for printing clothes can help you a lot.

Joshua Harris thinks that till 2050 this printer will be in every house, and there will be no need to buy new clothes.

Soon instead of clothes everyone will buy just several cartridges for printing clothes, and popular designers will sell special software and licensed cartridge for printers to print clothes.

It will make lots of new businesses because all you need is internet connection, credit card and knowing of your measurements. And that’s it!

Probably there will be lots of free designs, and poor people will have possibilities to wear good clothes very cheap.

And the main idea of this printer is that clothes will be unfolded and reused in a new sweater or coat.

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