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Pheasant Breeding

I will describe you pheasant breading business. It is interesting and profitable business, and not realy difficult to realize.

If you are thinking about your own farm, this business is the best for a start, and this business is one of the most profitable.

Pheasants are very popular among American restaurants, and you will have enough customers.

Sales of pheasant.

It is not a problem to deliver fresh pheasant meat. The Is no problems with transportation of fresh meat.

The main thing in pheasant business is speed, restaurants need fresh meat very fast, so you have to arrange your business around all local restaurants, and only after it deal with other restaurants who are ready to buy pheasant meat.

Farm organization

Building of the aviary is the most expansive part of the business, but for about eight thousand dollars you can build an aviary for 600 pheasants, and its area will be four hectare.

We have to keep in mind that each pheasant needs two square meters, and it is minimum, and at spring time each pheasant needs twelve square meters.

The best way to make walls for aviary is to make it out of iron net. We will need incubator as well. And you will need special glasses, to prevent pheasants from fighting with each other.

And of course pheasants will need enough food, so you have to count how much you will spend on provender for pheasants.

Average cycle of pheasants growth is about four or five months.

The profit from one pheasant is about 10 dollars. And spends are about 5 dollars.

Each female can give about 25 eggs.

The whole investment will be about 100 thousand dollars, but in four years this business will pay off without any difficulties.

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