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Opening Shooting Gallery

Let’s talk about shooting gallery as a good and profitable business.

To start such business you will need about $10 000. It is not too much, as for a small business in USA.
You will be surprised but specialists say that regular customers of shooting galleries are kids and women.

There are two sorts of shooting galleries – professional, for training police, and individual customers with regular weapons.

And second sort is entertaining shooting galleries.

To run entertainment shooting gallery, you don’t need lots of permissions, and you can go online and find all needed information.

On the other hand it is not so easy to make professional shooting gallery, because you will need assistance of a good lawyer, who can help you with all permissions required.

So if you want to start professional shooting gallery as business you will need much more money, then for entertainment shooting gallery, about $50 000.

You will need enough room for your shooting gallery, about 55 yards will be enough.

For entertainment you can look for trading malls and centers, so you can have lots of customers there, and there will be no need to spend money on advertisement.

Think about walls – they have to be really good protected, so small bullet will not harm anyone.

Equipment is not really expensive, because usually it is several cartons of targets and weapons.

So you can invest some money in really specific design.

Targets can be static and targets that move, if you decided to open shooting gallery in a trade mall, so think about moving funny targets.

Don’t forget about workers, you will need several workers that will work with your customers, explaining everything. So they have to be communicative.

And of curse they have to know how to use weapons in your shooting gallery.

It is difficult to say how quickly you will pay off everything you spend on your business, but usually it is not more then half a year.

And keep in mind, that your best customers will be women and kids.

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