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Opening Online Store.

Online store is a mainstream of selling different things already.

But still lots of people do not want to invest their money in online store. But this is a really big mistake.

You can sell everything you want online, there several online stores sell even groceries. And they sell’em successfully.

But if you are new one internet market, you should start with selling pc’s, cell phones, books, electronics and perfumes.

If you start selling something from the list above you will probably succeed.

So, opening online store is not a problem if you are programmer, but what to do if you are not.

First of all you have to look for freelancer, freelancer will not be so expensive as regular programmer.

By the way freelancer can help you look for good sales managers or SEO specialists, for them it is not so difficult as for you.

But of course you have to know what you need – domain name, web hosting, nice design, comfortable CMS and good SEO of your online store.

And of course you will need to work with offline sellers of goods you want to sell online.
It’s better for you to have very good relationships with them.

And you should think about delivery. It is the main thing of your online store. If delivery is bad you can forget about your online store.

Without delivery you can not run your business in a proper way.

Lets talk about getting customers on your site. Times when all you needed for success was a good web site passed forever.

Now you have to think about SEO. There is even a joke – SEO first.

Think about social networks not only about spending your free time, but also about getting your new customers there. This is called SMM and SMO.

Add your online store to google maps, and to all possible google services. It will help you a lot.
I think that’s all for now.

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