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Mini Hotel As A Business

Mini Hotel is not a something new and freak staff, but there are lots of such hotels in London.

London is a transport air hub, and there are lots of hotels and hostels.

But there are also mini hotels, and they are cheap.

Mini hotels are somewhere in between regular hotels and hostels.

And if there is an airport somewhere near by, then it means that it is time for your mini hotel business.

Lots of people need to wait for a while until they can sit to another flight, or sometimes it is easier to wait for couple of hours somewhere near the airport.

And there are lots of hotels, but rooms in such hotels are usually too expensive, and hostel is not a good idea for a businessman who need to make lots of calls and work with his laptop.

And here is a place for our mini hotel with small rooms, cheap price, and possibility to stay alone for a while.

It is very important for lots of passengers to have a rest and take a shower and sleep for a while for a reasonable money.

Regular rooms of such mini hotels are very comfortable and nice looking.

There is everything that passenger can dream of during a flight and what one expects from a regular hotel room.

There is only comfortable and small furniture, and everything looks really nice.

There is a desk, where hotel guest can work with his business papers or with his laptop, and of course free WiFi.

And don’t forget about fridge and air conditioner.

Did I mention about TV? In London’s mini hotels there are big screen TVs on a wall with lots of channels. Probably with satellite TV.

Usually guests rent such rooms for a night or several hours, but there is a rule to rent such room at least for four hours.

I am pretty sure that you are interested about this business, and there is a place for such mini hotels in USA.

As far as you understand the best place for such mini hotel is place near airport.

And in USA there are lots of airports, almost in all big cities of America there is an airport, and you will have enough customers anyway.

If you will invest in marketing and commercials you will get your customers.

And to run such business is much easier then to run a regular hotel. But you can earn much more, because one room can be hired just for several hours, and after cleaning there can be another passenger.

People will like your mini hotels, because they are interesting and new. And people like everything interesting and new.

It will look like a small fairy tale for adults, where they can get comfort of a regular hotel for a smaller price.

And if everything is good you can make your own franchising business on this idea, or you can make a huge company on your own, it depends only on you.

As for me this business is very interesting, and possibilities for it are huge in USA.

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