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Making Polymer Clay Magnets As A Business Idea

The business idea of ​​making magnets from polymer clay belongs to the hand-made business.

The competition in this niche is low, let’s consider how to organize a business in the manufacture of clay magnets.

This business idea is perhaps only for people with artistic talents.

Such a material as polymer clay is widely known to everyone. Which, after exposure to it in the oven, becomes like plastic. And until that moment it resembles plasticine.

Such clay allows you to make many beautiful products, such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, key chains and fridge magnets.

Among all the listed products, there is no person who would not have a refrigerator decorated with some kind of souvenir magnet. And often people even collect magnets with a specific theme, such as cities or some kind of animal.

So, for people with artistic talent, such a business as modeling polymer clay magnets is quite suitable.

And besides income, this type of business will allow them to do what they love.

How much money do you need to start a business for making clay magnets.

Thus, the cost of one magnet will be 1 dollar, which is certainly not cheap, but we must remember that these magnets are exclusive and will not be repeated anywhere else.

How much can you earn by opening a polymer clay magnet business.
You can sell magnets at a price of 2 dollars at retail and at 1,5 dollars for wholesale buyers.

You can, of course, make baby magnets, which will take much less material. Which will significantly reduce their cost. For example, a small piece of lemon or a small heart.

Such small magnets will attract new buyers with their price. Also make magnets with inscriptions with jokes, coins, decorated with rhinestones.

These will also lure with their originality.

Now about the main thing, sales markets. If you do not have your own store, then souvenir shops should become markets for you. Which you all need to go around, find the owner and show your work and not 1-2, but at least about 10 different magnets.

You can also post your work on social media. You also need to use sites with ads, such as EBay and internal city websites.

Announcements on them can be written in a similar way: “I will sell wholesale and retail exclusive souvenir fridge magnets” or “I will make souvenir magnets individually for your newlyweds, the hero of the day according to your wishes.”

You can make a small online store on the Internet, but remember that it will have to be promoted, and this requires investments.

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