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Making Decorative Screens As A Business

Decorative screen production is an easy and profitable business, and if you still don’t know what to do and how to make some extra money, try to make decorative screens.

To start such business you don’t need too much money, probably about 1 000 dollars will be more then enough.

This money you can invest in materials and tools to make really nice decorative screens.

You can make screens out of the wood or plexiglass. And to make decorative screen out of plexiglass you should invest much more money.

If you have lots of money you can buy even machine-tool, but for a start there is no need in it.

The price of one decorative screen can be about $500 or even more, it is you who sets the price.

And if you are a good artist your decorative screens can cost much more.

The best way to sell your products is to sell it online. Because of the nice look of decorative screens you can make a good portfolio on Instagram, and people will be glad to buy your products.

You can make a workshop in your garage, and you can invest money only in online marketing. And in this case you can earn really good money just per first three months of your business.

Probably you are interested, how much can you earn per month? Probably about 2000 dollars if you have a really good marketing and enough customers.

But don’t forget, that investments are really low.

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