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Juices And Soups From Ugly Vegetables And Fruits

One French shop Intermarché transforms fruits and vegetables, which are too ugly for sales, into their own products.

Nowadays there are too much food wasted and thrown away to a dumpster, if you don’t trust me just go to the nearby store, and ask them. But there are not too much ways how to sort it out.

There it on shop in UK – Sainsbury’s which uses energy made of food waste.

And Intermarché decided to transform fruits and vegetables which are too ugly into new products.

This French supermarket made its own product: juices and soups with a brand name Les Fruits & Légumes Moches, and their aim is to show people, that ugly vegetables and fruits have a right to exist.

There is special section in this store, where people can buy ugly fruits and vegetables with a discount of 30%.

And now this store makes their own soups and juices made of ugly oranges, carrots and so on.

And with a help of this store people understand that ugly vegetables and fruits can be very tasty.

Sometimes free samples of such ugly vegetables and fruits, so people can understand that there is no difference between ugly and nice looking vegetables and fruits.

According to the statistics this idea works, and works very good. People are ready to buy ugly fruits and vegetables.

And it sounds like a good business for you, maybe it is time for you to sell ugly vegetables and fruits.

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