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Jacket With Protection Against Colds

Germinator Transit Jacket was made especially for protection people from germs in public places.

Maybe someone has heard about Betabrand – this innovative company made a special jacket for sound engineers. The main function of this jacket was its biggin. Biggin didn’t stop sound, and it made this jacket really unique.

Now this brand is popular again, because they made new one interesting jacket. Germinator Transit Jacket helps people protect themselves from germs in public places.

This jacket was designed by Gravitytank, made of water-repellent fleece. Cuffs of sleeves were made with special gasket with silver ions and nanoparticles, which protects owner of the jacket from bacterias.

Also  there is a special option, special sleevs with cuffs, which can protect hand like a glove in public place.

The collar is equipped with a high rack lift. It can easily protect its owner face from cough of passing by people.

No doubt that people who use public transport in the big cities, are in big danger because of germs.

And Garminator Transit Jacket can protect its owner from flu and other diseases.

So if you are ready to invest in such jackets or coats you will earn enough money on this business.

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