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How to start a pillow cleaning business?

Cushion cleaning service is an excellent business idea, as the niche is not filled and the competition will be small.

The demand for services is high enough, so the businessman can count on success in this area.

In this article we will tell you how to implement a business plan for pillow cleaning.

Market analysis
The cushion cleaning industry is gaining in popularity every year, so over the past 3 years, the demand for cleaning services has increased by 25%.

In addition, the workload of the enterprises is 90%, which confirms the high demand.

The chosen industry has survived quite firmly and crisis moments. Only single points of cushion cleaning services closed.

In small towns there are popular pickup points, where textiles are sent to major laundries and after cleaning, the customer picks them up at the same pickup point.

Studies have found that in cities with a population of 240,000 people, 120 people use the services of dry cleaners daily.

That is why the idea for a pillow cleaning business is promising.

Dry and wet cleaning of pillows – what is the difference
Many people do not even realize, but on the surface and in the filler of pillows and blankets after a while a lot of dirt accumulates, among them – bacteria and dust mites.

In order to avoid health problems, it is recommended to clean bedding regularly.

As for dry cleaning, it involves complete cleaning of the pillows, and therefore is considered more effective than wet cleaning.

After dry cleaning the product is packed in bags, it is very convenient for a person, because it is possible to carry it home without problems and not to get it dirty.

Cleaning technology – equipment for cleaning pillows
Business idea for cleaning pillows involves, first of all, the purchase of special equipment.

Specialized equipment for cleaning down and feather does not contain rough and abrasive components, dry cleaning of pillows is performed.

Items are ripped open at the seam and processed inside. After a quality cleaning the volume of the product is restored, that is, the filler is not spoiled at all.

There are two filters in the special equipment, one collects small debris, the second – the coarser. They must be cleaned in order for the work to be done qualitatively.

If the customer wishes, it is possible to change the stuffing box. Or expand the business by offering, in addition to cleaning, the restoration of old pillows.

A client can choose a thimble by himself. They differ in color and size.

In addition, from one large pillow it is possible to make two small ones or vice versa, it all depends on the wishes of the client.

The following equipment is required:

sewing machine;

Apparatus for feather fluffing;

Unit for cleaning.

If it is planned not only to clean but also to make new cushions, you should buy additionally a special machine.

Choosing the location
For a business idea for cleaning pillows there are no strict requirements for space.

Must be organized place for an employee who will serve customers.

You can put a computer to keep statistics on orders, in addition, customers need to issue invoices, so they can get their products after cleaning.

Start-up capital to start a business cleaning cushions
In drawing up a business plan, it is important to prescribe the financial part: the initial investment and the estimated monthly costs.

This is quite good for a start-up entrepreneur, and the initial investment is not very high.

With a favorable situation business can pay off for 3-4 months.

To increase profits, you can engage not only in cleaning cushions, but also blankets, carpets and other textiles, including dry-cleaning clothes.

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