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How to Open the Production of Car Shampoo?

Automotive industry is rapidly developing and attracts the attention of novice businessmen. Such direction as production of car shampoo does not require large investments, which allows you to quickly recoup the costs. In this article we will tell you about such business idea as production of car shampoo.

Relevance of business
Any business associated with cars, undoubtedly relevant and will bring good profits to the entrepreneur. The advantages of a business for the production of car shampoos can include:

A fairly small level of competition;

No large investments at the start;

Uncomplicated technological process.

Technology of autoshampoo production
With what to start the production of autoshampoos? With the study of its types:

for handwashing;


The compositions of the first and second differ from each other, but the technology of manufacture is identical. Accordingly, the same equipment is used for the production of each type of car shampoo.

The technological process consists of the following steps:

the chemical concentrate is diluted in the necessary ratio, added to the vacuum reactor;

the mixture is heated to the desired consistency;

the finished shampoo is cooled in a refrigerator;

The resulting product is packed in containers.

Business organization
In order to bring to life a business idea for the production of car shampoo, you need to register the case, find a room, properly equip, purchase raw materials, hire employees, and so on. About everything in order.

Business registration and licensing
The idea for a business for the production of car shampoo first of all includes the choice of form – LLC or IE. The first option is preferable if the business is opened by two or more partners, or if the plans include work with legal entities. The simplified taxation system will do. Next, it is necessary to conclude contracts with utilities and obtain permits to work from the fire inspectorate.


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