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How to Open a SEO-Agency With What to Begin?

If you understand Internet marketing and know what keywords, meta-tags are, you know how to write quality texts, and most importantly, you are interested in it all – you can start earning at the SEO-agency.

And at the same time help others to achieve their goals.

You need to start with the creation of a business plan, market research, study of supply and demand, analyze competitors, their services and prices.

Thus, you will better understand how to open a SEO-agency, you will be able to find out what is missing in the market and offer it to potential clients to distinguish yourself from competitors and attract the audience.

How long will it take to start a business?
This factor depends on what form of work you choose. You can do SEO-promotion at home on your computer, or you can set up an office and hire a staff, that is, it all depends on the planned scale.

In the first case, you can arrange a self-employment or sole proprietorship, it only takes a few days. If you rent an office and staff, then the SEO-agency can be opened in 2-3 months.

Sales and marketing
SEO-agency the best business for those who are not afraid of competition and can offer clients exclusive and high-quality services – something that is not common in other studios. As an option, you can create a full package of services, from website creation to SEO-optimization. It is likely that a businessman who has decided to delegate this task to specialists will choose such a package of services in one agency.

Step by step plan for self-promotion SEO-agency
To attract customers, the most effective way is to maintain a blog. However, today a new classic themed blog will be difficult to attract the audience, so you can promote yourself through social networks and messengers. The main condition is to create high-quality content, for example, you can choose platforms such as YouTube, Telegram-channel, Instagram.

SEO-agency from scratch: a step by step guide
With what to start a SEO-agency? To prevent you from getting confused, we have prepared a detailed instruction that includes all the stages of opening and promotion.

Office lease
Before you open a SEO-agency, you need to think about working space. At the beginning you can rent a small office  and use it to meet with clients and place the workplace employees. Each employee needs a table, chair, computer/laptop. Also all communications should be in place.

Selecting employees
The first time employees can be hired on an individual order. Since SEO-agency – a business with a broad profile, in addition to direct employees will be needed:




Web designers.

A copywriter is engaged in writing texts according to certain criteria (terms of reference), which is prepared by the SEO-specialist.

It is better to employ a marketing specialist officially.

The specialist studies the target audience, competitors’ market, develops promotion strategies, chooses marketing tools and analyzes their effectiveness. Also, the marketer can communicate directly with clients to discuss the order and manage the team.

Programmers deal with the creation of websites, implement the created optimized material, both texts and other possible additions. It is better to hire this specialist officially on the staff.

And finally, a web designer. This specialist designs the interfaces of sites and applications, thinks about the convenient solutions for presenting information on the site, is engaged in the artistic design of the project.

Financial calculations – investments at the start
How to open the SEO-agency without costing? The answer is obvious – no way. It is worth to understand that the financial calculations – an individual matter. It all depends on the region, the area, the chosen model, the number of employees.


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