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How To Make Your Own Youtube Channel?

Lets talk about very popular way of earning money of nowadays – making your own youtube chanel.

Youtube now is extremly popular, I think every school boy wants his own popular youtube chanel.

But is this all about only popularity. Of corse not! It is very good way of earning money.

Every month about 22 millions visit youtube. It is huge amount of potentional customers.

Yes, potentional customers, you can organize your selling business on youtube. Or you can arrange donations, it is very popular nowadays.

But of corse you can just monetize your traffic. With the help of google services, making money on popular blog is very easy, you have to try.

First off all to earn good money on youtube you have to find your niche.

It is not difficult if you are good at something, for example coocking. You can make your own online shows. And if you are really good cook, it will be very easy for you.

Or you might like travelling, you can film all your trips, and people will love your chanel.

Or maybe you are very interesting person, and you will get lots of subscribers, only because of that.

But firs you have to understand in what field you are good enough, so people will gladly folow you.

Google can give you a tip, what is popular, you can try google trends.

But what’s about earning money?

You can add google adsense to your chanel, or become google partner.

But of corse you can look for direct adds, from someone who whant his adds on your chanel, or in your video. It’s the best variant for you, do not hasitate with such proposals.

Of corse, there are lots of technical details which you have to count.

For example, you have to be scilled pc user. But I think it’s not a problem.

Next, you need a good camera, it’s better to read something about filming and streaming, before buying digital camcoder, or web camera.

Then you have to learn gow to use special software to make your videos nice.

But I think you will succed.

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