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How to make money organizing walking tours: the main secrets of a successful business

Advantages and disadvantages of walking tours business

The main advantage of business on walking tours – availability.

The price of the guide’s services is not high, but it does not require large investments, and to entertain yourself on everyone’s dime.

You can start earning immediately after the registration of business. Tourists often prefer walking tours, rather than bus tours.

The second option is more expensive and brings little aesthetic pleasure.

The entrepreneur faces a wide choice of tours, you can not just walk around the city, but also go out of town.

Hiking tours are not for everyone.

Must think through the route, taking into account stops for rest, otherwise the business will not succeed.

Requires a thorough knowledge of the history of the attractions and the ability to communicate with the group of tourists.

Development of routes and types of excursions

The first and most important thing to do is to study your competitors, their routes, additional services and methods of promotion.

You will earn money only if you create a unique offer. After that it is worth moving on to the selection of the destination.

City tours

The organization of walking tours in this direction will suit those who live in a major city, where there are sights.

You can even organize individual walking tours. But there are exceptions – in a small town or village can also be something interesting, the only drawback – few tourists.

A huge role is played by the abilities of the guide. He needs to interest, to cause people’s attention, just to listen to the history of the object, few people like it.

Complement the route can be a kind of quest through the city or turn the walk into a game.

Many people will be interested in beautiful locations for photos, such areas are in demand even when there is no interesting story.


Profitable business if you have your own car. Assumes a trip out of town for off-road driving.

This format is most often found on the coast. It is logical, mountainous terrain attracts, and tourists in such towns are many times more.

But the idea is suitable for anyone who has a jeep and can ride extremely through the woods, hills or sandy embankments.

Be sure to think of a route of 10-20 km. It is not superfluous to take into account passengers‘ desire to drive somewhere to make photos.


It is a fashionable and therefore promising direction to open the walking tours.

More and more often people are trying to take a break from the bustle of the city and household chores in the fresh air and enjoy the nature.

It is possible to make money if you open a hotel in a village near a lake, on the edge of the forest or in the foothills of the mountains.

Increase profits will help provide additional services.

With a limited budget, you can abandon the idea of buying a house and engage in leisure activities: fishing, hunting, gathering berries and pine needles, and then – knitting bath brooms.

It’s all about enterprise.

Author’s tours

The essence is to offer tourists something that no one has ever seen, posted on social networks and tried before.

The only thing that works here is imagination. The idea can be tested on friends and acquaintances before launching.

If walking tours is not possible, offer the transport company a mutually beneficial cooperation – as a business such an approach will work if you organize everything competently and clearly.

Where to look for customers

Imagine who will buy your tours, where those customers are and what, potentially, they care about the most.

After organizing and launching walking tours, you need to analyze them in more detail. Networking and advertising on social networks works best.

It is not unreasonable to place ads on Internet boards, and in case of difficulties – to offer cooperation to large travel agencies.

For advertising to work, you have to use the services of a marketer. Of course, you can save money and make a promotion plan yourself, but with the appropriate skills.

How to formalize the business of walking tours of the city
It is not necessary to obtain a license and permission to conduct business. It is enough to register an IE or LLC.

You can specify one of the items:

Tour operator activities;

reservation services and related services;

Activities for the provision of excursion services.

Personnel for the organization of walking tours

At the beginning you can save money and refuse to hire staff. After you need a marketer, ticket seller (if they are sold in the kiosk), accountant and manager.

The number of employees and their specialization depends on the scale of the business and its specifics.

The organizer of business on walking tours can independently receive money for the tour on the bank card or responsible only for the idea, and delegate the rest. In practice – the more routes, the more people are required in the staff.

Investments and income from the business

The amount of costs depends on the scale of the business.

You can even not invest at all, but just to place ads in their social networks and organize walks.

It will take knowledge and the ability to present information in an interesting way.

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