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How to Make Money Growing Carrots? Profitable Business Idea

Carrots are an unpretentious vegetable that is resistant to temperature, and also has a lot of useful properties.

To get a good yield, you need to know the intricacies of growing and properly prepare the plot.

How to make money on the business idea of growing carrots and what you need for this, we will tell in this article.

How much can I earn?

Be sure to make a business plan for growing carrots with accurate calculations.

So you will know exactly what your start-up costs will be, respectively, and the revenue is also calculated individually, since it depends on many factors.

Technology for the cultivation of carrots

Before implementing the business idea of growing carrots, it is necessary to consider that the yield of root crops depends not only on the quality of care and varietal affiliation, but also on weather conditions, sunlight, soil structure.

You should follow the rules of planting for good yields.

Do not plant carrots in the shade: it is necessary to choose a sunny place. Otherwise, crushing of the fruit is inevitable.

Do not use too much organic fertilizer and nitrogen. Otherwise, this will lead to deformation of the root crops.

Do not choose a dense soil, the soil should be well plowed, so that there was no change in shape and bifurcation of the fruits.

Choosing the soil to grow carrots

Gardeners who have already used the idea of carrot business, take into account several criteria for selecting soil: density, moisture, acidity, fertility and, of course, the specific chemical composition.

Carrots grow faster and form large, sweet root vegetables in loose sandy or loamy soil. As we said above, heavy soil is not suitable for carrots, the yield decreases several times at once.

In addition, the place of planting is chosen where the snow melts first. It is categorically impossible to plant carrots on a slope and in lowlands, where there are accumulations of water.

Land must be fertilized, usually the soil is prepared in the fall: dug up, put compost on top. In the spring, the soil is again recultivated and fertilized.

Seeds and planting scheme

Before planting, it is necessary to treat the seeds, just rinse them in hot water so that the layer of essential oils comes off.

Next, the seeds are germinated for three days. Immediately before planting the seeds should be dried.

On the plot, beds are made and watered with warm water. After that, the seeds are planted in the holes.

For additional care, seedbeds are weeded, treated with chemicals against carrot flies and pests, destroy weeds, sprinkle ash, dust (tobacco), water with a solution of manganese, plant next to onions.


You can not save on seeds. It is better to choose those that have undergone all the necessary treatment, which increases immunity and germination.

Harvesting carrots

At the end of summer/beginning of fall, you can harvest. This step requires hiring additional staff to help harvest the carrots (usually harvesting takes place within a week). Roots are harvested by hand, cleaned of soil, and sent for storage or sale.

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