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Free Taxi-Electric Cycle, Paid By Advertisers

Mellowcabs is company that allowed people to go everywhere they want with a help of free cab, and sponsors of such trips are companies who want their advertisement on this cab and inside this cab.

This cabs are elecrtic cycles and it is not really expansive to carry someone to destination place.

In big cities it is very difficult to get somewhere on personal transport, and more and more people choose public transport.

And more and more US cities have such difficulties. So the smart idea will be to be the owner of such public transport.

The most popular public transport nowadays is taxi. And if this taxi is electrical, that means that their will be not much air pollution.

Americans like taxies, but Americans like everything new, that is why free taxies on the base of electric cycles is outstanding idea.

Let’s look on the benefits of such public transport.

  1. Such public transport can be free.
  2. All marketing agencies will be happy to cooperate with your company
  3. Air pollution will reduce rapidly

Each such taxi can carry on its board two passengers and a driver. And there is no need to pay for it.

Such cars can drive for about 75 miles a day. They look very nice and well seen on the road.

Inside the cabin the tablet is installed, and all the time advertisements are shown. And it is funny. And of course during the trip passengers can recharge their gadgets.

If you are interested in such way of doing business, I am pretty sure you will succeed on the market of taxi business.

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